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Schools closing on solar eclipse day

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The number of school districts across the St. Louis region choosing to close on the day of the total eclipse, is growing. The Londdell R-XIV School District is the eighth district in the region to announced it'll close on August 21.

The Granite City School District was one of the first to announce students would stay home on the day of the eclipse over safety concerns. 

Superintendent Jim Greenwald told News 4, "But we really felt we were not able to ensure the safety of all students."

Greenwald said he's worried a teacher could get distracted and not be able to watch every young student make sure one doesn't take their protective glasses off and stare at the sun, causing permanent eye damage.

He also said some students would be walking or riding the bus home when the eclipse is still happening but wouldn't have any supervision to make sure they don't look at the sun. 

"I mean I work from home so it's not really a hardship on me. But there are other kids that they've got to find somebody to watch their kids," said Tracy Shearrer, parent of a high school student.

Greenwald said he made the announcement five weeks before the start of school to give parents time to make arrangements. He said most of the feedback from parents has been positive.

"I think it's fine, it's not a hardship for me at all. I'm glad they'll be home to watch it with me," said Skye Gibson, parent of a 5th-grade student.

The districts that have announced they won't have school on the day of the eclipse are:

Edwardsville School District 7

Granite City CU School District 9

St. Clair R-XIII School District

Lonedell R-XIV School District

Windsor C1 School District

Dunklin R-V School District

Hillsboro R-III School District

De Soto School District #73

Northwest R1 School

Kingston K-14 School District 

Gasconade County R-2

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