Jerrod Kershaw was veteran who had PTSD, neighbor says -

Jerrod Kershaw was veteran who had PTSD, neighbor says

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Jerrod Kershaw (Credit: Jefferson County Sheriff's Department) Jerrod Kershaw (Credit: Jefferson County Sheriff's Department)

Who exactly is the man police say was behind a carjacking and chase that ended in an officer-involved shooting in Jefferson County?

News 4 has been hearing from neighbors who knew him and has also been digging into the past of Jerrod Kershaw.

News 4 found a few social media sites believed to belong to the 31-year-old. He often posted about how he was a father and a military man.But, his posts sometimes alluded to suicide, among veterans especially. One post in 2016 stated he thought about suicide every day but somehow doesn't follow through.

There are numerous pictures of Kershaw in uniform on his social media sites. His pages also state he was in the Army. His Facebook page also talks about being in the ICU in Iraq back in 2010. More recently he said he had been going to the VA hospital in St. Louis for a blood clot in his leg.

In a few posts, Kershaw seemed to be very supportive of the police.

The Jefferson County Sheriff said he was known to law enforcement. They sent News 4 a previous mug shot. Kershaw was previously arrested in 2015 for domestic assault and for DWI. In one police report from October 2015, Kershaw told police he periodically thought of suicide. He said though that PTSD was a “cop out.” He was also arrested on four counts of arson back in 2005.

A glance at the apartment complex where Kershaw lived until he was killed by police, might not reveal much. A close listen to the chatter among neighbors, like Debbie Miller, might. 

"We stood outside and every time he would pass, we would talk and ask each other how we were doing," said Miller. 

Miller remembers Kershaw was a cheerful man even though he was going through some things.

"From what I have gathered, he passed out at work and was apparently in a coma for a couple of days. His lungs were punctured," added Miller. 

She recalls the military veteran telling her he suffered from PTSD. 

Miller is shocked after hearing the man she knew to have a big heart and smile, would be accused of carjacking someone. 

"It is very sad because apparently, Jerrod wasn't getting the help he really needed. It's just sad," added Miller. 

News 4's cameras watched Pacific police walk to the apartment complex where Kershaw lived. 

Police talked to Miller, who was the last person to see him leave his apartment. Even so, she can't wrap her head around her neighbor harming another person. 

"No, no, no because he always seemed like he was happy even with the struggle. He did not show how distressed he really was I guess," added Miller. 

A woman who was a friend of Kershaw said his experiences in Iraq haunted him.

"You could tell there was something different. He always seemed sad," said friend Stephanie Hitson.

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