Eclipse viewers urged to take precaution to protect their eyes -

Eclipse viewers urged to take precaution to protect their eyes

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News 4 spoke with Washington University ophthalmological surgeon, Dr. Susan Culican of St. Louis Children's Hospital who said you should only use ISO rated eclipse glasses. On the inside you'll see an ISO number of 12312-2.

Dr. Culican said during the total eclipse it's possible to look at the sun with the naked eye but she doesn't recommend it.

During totality you can look at the eclipse with the naked eye but the problem is estimating totality. The problem is it will be different at different locations so its not safe ever to look directly at the eclipse," said Culican.

She said when the sun is near totality, it's not safe to look at it without eclipse glasses. Doing so can do permanent damage the retina of your eyes, called solar retinopathy.

Culican said, "Solar retinopathy is when the light is too intense for cells in the back of the eye and they are damaged and then eventually killed.Unfortunately, it's permanent, so any damage that is done in childhood, say during the eclipse of 2017, will have a lasting impact for the rest of that person's life."

In the case of eclipse glasses being too large for small children,  Culican recommends using an eclipse viewer. You can find instructions online for making one at home.

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