Vandals target Tower Grove business, cars -

Vandals target Tower Grove business, cars

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Hartford Coffee in Tower Grove was hit by vandals likely armed with BB guns on Saturday, July 16, 2017 (Credit: KMOV) Hartford Coffee in Tower Grove was hit by vandals likely armed with BB guns on Saturday, July 16, 2017 (Credit: KMOV)

ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( - A coffee shop owner in Tower Grove wants his customers to know they are still open for business, despite overnight vandals. Hartford Coffee was hit by what looks to be a BB gun while employees were there Saturday night.

By Sunday morning, the broken windows were boarded up and the shop was busy with customers, which is exactly what the owner wants.

"I hope people don't let silly stuff like this make them too afraid to get out and enjoy their lives," said Brian Shearrer, co-owner of the coffee house.

Still, customers and neighbors can't help but notice boards covering damage on two windows and a door. As Shearrer pointed out, there is still a BB embedded in one of the frames.

"The young woman who was here last night said she didn't even hear a shot like we think of a shot, she just heard 'tink, tink' against the window," said Shearrer.

He came to inspect the damage after his employees contacted him just after 11 p.m. Saturday. Then, they called police to investigate.

"They said they had responded to about a half dozen other similar incidents of people whose car windows were being shot at with BB guns," said Shearrer.

 St. Louis Metropolitan Police did not respond to News Four's request for information Sunday morning.

Neighbors say they just recently dealt with the same situation. One of them shared pictures of his car, with its window shot out by what looked to be a BB or pellet gun.

Now, the coffee shop owner who has lived nearby for nearly a decade and a half has a message for those disturbing his neighborhood.

"It's expensive and frustrating. Whatever it is you think you're trying to accomplish, this is probably not the way to do it. And even if you want to have fun and be destructive, go learn how to box," said Shearrer.

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