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2 crime victims calling on city leaders for change

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The Fox Park neighborhood. Credit: KMOV The Fox Park neighborhood. Credit: KMOV

Thieves have targeted women in a pair of recent crimes. The victims are now pushing for change by calling out city leaders.

"I am shaky. It is getting better," said Carolyn Beaudet.

Beaudet said a morning walk on Sunday on Crittenden Street downtown took a horrifying turn. She said robbers approached her and tried to get her purse. 

"It is my Kate Spade. There's a little blood on it. This is the purse he couldn't get off of me because I had it crossed on my body," she said. 

She said the men weren't armed so she fought them off. Beaudet has the bruises to prove it.

In nearby Fox Park, Lori Pletka had a similar encounter. 

"They seem to be targeting women, single women leaving their cars," she said. 

Pletka said two men approached her on Shenandoah near Grand recently.

"They turned me around and I saw the gun and they demanded my purse and they took my bags," she said. 

The women want the crime to stop. But both say it's not just more police presence they are after.  

"I definitely would like more mayoral involvement. I know Mayor Krewson has her her own experience. I would like to team up with her," said Pletka. 

Pletka says wiping away the crime is a tough mission, but one she's determined to win.

"We do have restaurants and galleries, businesses like that, people want us to highlight that and not draw attention to the crime. I think it is important to draw attention to this crime so we can stop it so these businesses can grow," she said.

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