Airbnb scams targeting travelers -

Airbnb scams targeting travelers

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Airbnb is taking the short-term rental business by storm.

However, there are scams out there targeting your personal information.

Scammers have been known to create fake listings and emails that look like the real thing.

They'll ask you to pay, but not go through the official Airbnb website.

The company says stay away. Airbnb's actual website offers a secure and safe way to do business.

"As a host I know that my telephone number and address are not given out until the person hits the, 'yes I am paying' button. Then, the money is transferred from their account into Airbnb to hold it," said Terri Fox, an Airbnb host.

It's important to read and understand the website's refund policy.  Airbnb recommends you review the ratings for each listing to see what previous guests have to say about your potential rental.

That can also be done vice versa to rate visitors.

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