Veterinarian has advice for helping an overheated dog -

Veterinarian has advice for helping an overheated dog

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Following the rescue of a dog in a hot car at the St. Louis Zoo, a veterinarian with the Humane Society of Missouri is offering advice on how to care for an overheated dog. 

The Humane Society rescued a Chihuahua named Molly from an SUV outside the St. Louis Zoo on Tuesday after recording a temperature inside the vehicle of 130 degrees.

Veterinarian, Dr. Mark Wright told News 4 that heat can be dangerous to dogs more quickly than you might think.  

"So you've got a dog in a fur coat, in desert-like conditions and so the dog starts getting cooked," said Wright.

Wright said you shouldn't give water to an overheated dog that's in distress to cool them down because they'll throw it up. He says dogs pant to cool down.

"So getting the dog into a cooler environment, into air conditioning is the ideal thing to do to start getting that dog cooled down right away."

Then he said to wet down the dog with a cool, wet towel to make use of evaporative cooling. But Wright said if a dog is acting woozy, you need to get them to a veterinarian immediately.

News 4 also did some checking and found there are no Good Samaritan laws in Missouri or Illinois that shield someone who breaks a car window to rescue a dog from a hot car.  

But police said prosecutors would take into consideration that a person was trying to save a dog's life when deciding whether to press charges for damaging someone else's property.

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