St. Louis crime through the eyes of its residents -

St. Louis crime through the eyes of its residents

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Governor Greitens was in St. Louis on Monday to detail a plan to fight crime in St. Louis.

The plan comes as St. Louis continues to fight its image as one of the most crime-ridden cities in the country.

News 4 took a closer look at the numbers and asked people what they think the approach should be to keep the city safer.

Across the board, people said the city needed more police officers, however, that would only be part of the solution.

Bishop Beulah Brandon is preparing to open an adult daycare in the Baden neighborhood.

There have been four homicides in that neighborhood during the first half of 2017, one more than the same period last year.

She said she'd like to see more cops, clergy and cameras.

"We need more cameras, we need the cameras that can actually see them, see who's in the car so if we have to go back and investigate," said Bishop Brandon.

From January through June of this year, St. Louis has seen five more homicides in the city compared to last year.

Gun crimes and aggravated assaults with a gun are up 22 percent.

On the flip side, robberies and vehicle thefts are down.

Many residents say they want to see vacant buildings demolished with weed and seed programs established.

The Broadway Sport and Tackle Shop has been in St. Louis for four generations.

Greg Ward of the shop says he'd like to see more police in the neighborhood with better relations.

"There used to be a very good relationship back in the early 2000's, 90's, it just feel apart, I know there's a shortage of police in the city and things of that nature, but it's not that relationship anymore with police and community," said Ward.

Some of those who said they'd like to see more officers would like to see them out of their cars and patrolling on foot.

Overall, they'd like to see better police and community relations.

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