Crews work to repair water main break in south St. Louis -

Crews work to repair water main break in south St. Louis

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A water main broke Friday morning in south St. Louis, and crews are currently working to get the situation repaired. 

The break is near the intersection of Aero Drive and Macklind Avenue, just south of Manchester Avenue. This is one of 17 water main breaks between central and south St. Louis city that started on Thursday and went through Friday. 

Curtis Skouby with the St. Louis Water Department says residents need to, "be patient. We're on it. We're working on it."

The water main breaks are indirectly affecting businesses and homes in The Hill neighborhood. Although the water main breaks weren't exactly located here, the water department says the neighborhood's high elevation causes low water pressure.

"It's just like you dive in the water in a lake, you go deeper it's more pressure, you have this water above it," said Skouby.

The South City Family YMCA closed down because of the low water pressure Thursday and re-opened Friday, but requested gym members conserve water in any way they can. 

"They evacuated everybody and said everybody's got to leave the building because there's no water pressure so that means you couldn't flush the toilets, it just wasn't sanitary," said Ray Marklin, YMCA member, "I went into the steam room, and it was dry as a bone."

Homeowners in The Hill neighborhood were also feeling the impact of low water pressure. Dan Knedel's outdoor faucet was unable to get water out quickly or with enough force. 

"Just takes longer to fill up the bucket or fill up the sink or whatever," said Knedel.

The St. Louis City Water Department says the breaks happen because some of the pipes are 100-years-old. Unless they are consistently breaking, they said they just fix the broken pipe, instead of replacing the whole thing, which can get very expensive. 

"Most main breaks are random and unpredictable and you'll have days where you have none and other days where you have a bunch like today or yesterday," said Skouby.

Crews expect all the breaks to be repaired by the weekend. 

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