Family wakes up to an Uber bill of nearly $1,000 -

Family wakes up to an Uber bill of nearly $1,000

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MILWAUKEE ( -- A Wisconsin family was charged $900 for a single Uber ride. Worse, they had no idea the bill would be that high until the next morning.

Keith Tubin and his family regularly use Uber to get around the Milwaukee area and used the ridesharing service last week getting to and from a concert in downtown.

The next day, he got a shocking call.

"$200 to get to the first stop. We asked if he could take us a couple more places, he said no problem. He put it in the computer. I wake up the next morning with a fraud alert on the credit card. $898 dollars," Keith Tubin said.

“I thought he was joking, honestly. I think I actually said that, 'You are kidding me, right?' and he said, 'No, $898," his wife recalled.

The family says the upfront cost was $214 dollars. They added two more stops but he says the driver never told him about the cost.

"He just put it in his little computer and said, 'Hey, where do you want to go? Give me the address' and off we go," Tubin said.

Here's how the price grew out of control.

Uber says the surge price that night was more than eight times the normal cost and the upfront price is no longer relevant when stops are added.

The company says the $900 total was accurate.

"We could have rented a limo for the whole night and had room for other people and probably, you know, saved money," Tubin said.

Luckily for the family, Uber reconsidered and decided to only charge them the initial $214.

They urge others to pay closer attention to the pricing to make sure it doesn't happen to them.

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