Fireworks creating headaches for many area residents -

Fireworks creating headaches for many area residents

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It's a nuisance, it's illegal but it's not stopping people from doing it.  

People are sharing their frustrations with fireworks being set off in several South City neighborhoods. It's happening throughout Lafayette Square, Soulard, Mckinley Heights and Benton Park. 
"They weren't doing it for fun, they were doing it to try to create harm and hurt people," says Ellen Thomas. 

Thomas lives in Lafayette Square. She told News 4 about a dangerous experience she recently had during one of her runs. 

"I was running and I was short on breath and there was a car driving by and shot bottle rockets at people, and they shot one at me while I was sitting trying to catch my breath," she said. 

Thomas wasn't hit, but she said the experience has changed her running habits. 

"I was thinking about going for a run, I open my door. I heard bottle rockets going off again and I thought, 'I guess not tonight." 

It is illegal to set off fireworks in St. Louis City but that's not stopping people. Police said they've been responding to calls with reports of people setting off fireworks.

So far, no one has been arrested. As a News 4 crew walked in Lafayette Square Wednesday, it did not hear fireworks but people said it comes in waves and at all hours of the night.

"I certainly hear occasional fireworks being shot off in the area," said Wayne Hagenbuch. 

Hagenbuch said he has mixed feelings about the whole thing. 

"If they are shooting fireworks straight up in the air just for fun I am not concerned about that. It is when there is potential harm to property or people. That is a pretty bad thing." 

There have also been reports of fireworks going off in Downtown, as well as the Central West End. 

If this happens, St. Louis Police want you to call them, but only on their non-emergency line at 314- 231-1212. Be sure to try to give a good description of the people doing it.

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