Man shot during robbery in Hazelwood; 1 suspect captured, anothe -

Man shot during robbery in Hazelwood; 1 suspect captured, another sought after chase

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Officers on the scene after the stolen car crashed (Credit: KMOV) Officers on the scene after the stolen car crashed (Credit: KMOV)

Police are investigating if two different robberies are somehow linked due to close proximity of their locations. 

The first of the two robberies occurred during the early morning hours on June 28 in the 5200 block of Ville Angela. Police responded to a call for an in-progress home invasion. When the responding officer arrived, a male victim was found with a gunshot wound to his leg. 

Police discovered the man and a woman were approached by a pair of male suspects, who ordered the victims to relinquish their personal items, as well as their home keys. One of the suspects then shot the man when he refused to comply.

"They had just come outside and they just pounced on him," said Amanda Vaughn, the wife of the man who was shot. "They said 'Give me your house key,' and he said no, and they wanted his watch and he said 'No it's only a $20 watch, I'm not giving it to you and they shot him and said 'Be quiet or I'll kill you.'"

The woman, the sister of Vaughn, ran into the house. She said the suspects followed her, but she shut the door on them before they got inside and attempted to break down the door, while she called 9-1-1. "They followed her and kicked the door in and tried to get in, but she held it," said Vaughn.

Officers assisting in the case said they saw a vehicle with two men inside leaving the area at high speeds. Police determined the suspects were the same ones involved in the robbery and shooting. After chasing the suspects through the Natural Bridge and Highway 170 area, the officer caught up to the suspects when their vehicle became disabled. 

Both fled the vehicle, but one of the suspects was apprehended a short distance away from their vehicle. 

The male victim was she twice, once in each leg. His wife is now worried about the future of his health. "The one bullet fractured his femur, and he's in surgery right now having a pin put in it, and i don't know if he'll ever walk again," said Vaughn. 

Police said they are investigating a second incident, as well, in the 5400 block of Forest Creek. 

Like in the previous case, a man and woman were approached by three male suspects. The suspects, each with a white cover over their face, displayed guns and demanded personal items and vehicle keys. The suspects then fled the area in the vehicles.  

The two locations are half a mile from each other.

The investigations are ongoing. 

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