Alderman wants more parking money turned over to St. Louis City -

Alderman wants more parking money turned over to St. Louis City

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( -

Feeding a parking meter or paying a ticket, it’s something we all just have to do sometimes.

But now, there's a fight heating up in St. Louis over exactly where all that money goes.

It’s no secret that the City of St. Louis needs more money. They're facing a budget shortfall and looking at new taxes for things like salaries for police officers.

But one city leader says he plans to file a bill this week that would free up more money generated on nearly every street in St. Louis

Every single quarter you put in a meter, or every ticket you pay in the City of St. Louis, gets put into the parking fund and is managed by the Treasurer's Office.

Right now, about $1 million of the many millions generated is budgeted to be turned over to city coffers.

But Alderman Jeffrey Boyd says he's found a way to possibly quadruple that.

“It would be more than we've gotten in the last several years, if not the last two decades,” said Alderman Boyd.

Boyd says the Treasurer's Office is currently incorrectly interpreting a state law about how the money should be divvied up.

“This is another creative approach to doing it, and still operating within state law,” said Boyd.

It all gets pretty technical, but he says he's on good legal ground.

"At the end of the day, if we aren't utilizing the finances we have on hand to deliver the services to our citizens, I don't think that's right," said Boyd.

But Jared Boyd says the Treasurer's Office is in the right. He’s Chief of Staff and is not related to the alderman.

“We are comfortable in our interpretation of state law, one, and two, auditors make that calculation, based on the language in the law,” Jared Boyd said. 

He hasn't yet seen the alderman's proposal, but he says they're already doing everything they can to max out the money they give to the city.

“While the city has some dire, immediate needs, the parking division will continue to look forward and help investments in the city,” said Jared Boyd.

News 4 will keep following every step of the alderman's proposal as it moves forward.

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