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Homeowners' South St. Louis roof mistakenly removed

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Neighbors suspect that this blue van may be connected to the damage done to a family's roof in South St. Louis Neighbors suspect that this blue van may be connected to the damage done to a family's roof in South St. Louis

SOUTH ST. LOUIS (KMOV.com) - A South St. Louis homeowner believes a case of mistaken identity is to be blame after a roofing crew tore off their roof and took off.  

Days after moving from St. Louis to Michigan, the McInnis family got an unwelcome surprise.

“On Friday, I get a message from our neighbor across the street who said ‘Hey your roofers didn’t do a very good job putting down the tarp. It is blowing in the wind.’ and I said ‘What roofers?’” said Laura McInnis, who talked to News 4 via Skype.

“There were three guys up on the roof tearing it off at 7:30 in the morning but by 9:30 they were gone,” said Gina Brunner, the neighbor who contacted McInnis. “By the next morning the tarp was coming off the roof and I’m like, okay, that’s not good.”

The homeowners hadn’t scheduled any work. In fact, they are days away from closing on the sale of their house on Rosa Avenue in the Princeton Heights neighborhood.

“So we contacted the new owners and they weren’t getting any roofing work done either. So neither of us knew what was going on or who these people were that left a big pile of trash next to our house,” said McInnis. “We are still the owners of the house that we have now moved out of so we are still on the hook for this now missing roof.”

“We assume they came they started their work and then they realized they were at the wrong house and booked it out of here,” said Brunner.

They hoped a security camera could offer a clue about who did it. Neighbors said they only saw a blue van in that neighborhood Thursday morning.

“There was nothing on the side of their van. There was no identifying signage,” said Brunner.

A News 4 team did not see any other homes in the area getting roof work.

The homeowners said repairs will cost thousands.

“Plus we’ve already paid costs to get all the junk removed, shingles, nails, beer bottles that were mixed in,” said McInnis.

After News 4 first reported the missing roof, the homeowners were able to identify the roofing company responsible. They said a Facebook tip led them to the same blue van working on a different house along another street in South St. Louis. Through those homeowners, they were able to identify the roofing company.

 “I think they clearly just made a mistake. And got scared. And ran,” said the McInnis’. “We’re not interested in pursuing any charges. We just want the people who did it to make it right and pay for the damage they caused.”

McInnis said when she first contacted company leaders, they were shocked and didn’t seem to know about the workers’ mix-up. She said they offered to replace the entire roof and reimburse the family for the costs they’ve already incurred, like cleaning up the shingles on the ground. The family is not publicly naming the roofing company because they feel like they’ve made up for the mistake.

If there is any good that’s come out of the situation, the homeowners said the family who is planning on moving into their home this week should take comfort knowing how great of a neighborhood it is, as neighbors really watch out for each other.

“We just want all our family and friends in St. Louis to know we appreciate their vigilance on this and helping us out because it’s so hard being far away and dealing with this and we really appreciate it,” said Chris McInnis.

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