JeffVanderLou residents organize clean up effort for their neigh -

JeffVanderLou residents organize clean up effort for their neighborhood

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Desiree Adeboye just got married last week. She's spending her honeymoon cleaning up the neighborhood she calls home. 

"This is the point where my children grew up," Adeboye said. "This is where I was at when I first went to school. When I first started traveling the world."

But the JeffVanderLou neighborhood has seen some hard times. There's crime, vacant lots, drug addiction and illegal dumps. 

That's why residents like Desiree and volunteers, along with organizations like Better Family Life and Habitat for Humanity, are here to clean up more than 70 properties in the area. 

"I think that the people who are used to inciting crime and doing whatever they want will get the sense that we actually do care about our neighborhood," Adeboye said. "We will come together. We will work together."

Something others hope will help rally more support.

"Later down the line, if we keep doing things lie this, I think we can change it a little bit more, but it all starts with the people," Volunteer Shaquaun Chester said.

Desiree says this is about building a better future, one clean up effort at a time. 

"My hope is that we instill a sense of community that we can work together, that we can move forward, and that we can give our children an inspiration for the future."

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