Town and Country continue ongoing battle against deer population -

Town and Country continue ongoing battle against deer population

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The heavy deer population is once again up for debate in Town and Country. Right now, the city is sharp shooting deer, but some say that isn't cost effective and just isn't working.

For the last decade, the city has spent upwards of $600,000 taxpayer money to help control the deer population with the sharp shooter method.

"I think the main nuisance is the possible traffic accidents," says Al Gerber, a former alderman.  

They city has trapping and transporting the deer.  They've also used sterilization. Most recently, a private company is being used to shoot and kill the deer. But, is that method really working?

"It was about 600 when we started in 2011, it went down when we started shooting and in the last few years its taken off again," says Gerber. 

With the deer population bouncing back, the task force is back at the drawing board for a fix, including revisiting sterilization. 

"When that is a female deer and when it doesn't have any fawns for many years, that's a lot of shooting that doesn't have to be done. So it saves a lot more money then it costs to sterilize in the beginning," says Gerber. 

News 4 checked with other cities and how they handle deer. In Sunset Hills, they use a bow hunting program. There are a number of restrictions, but there's no cost to the city, as the hunters foot the bill. In Ellisville, they allow sniper trained officers to thin the herd. 

"It is a problem or an issue that can only be addressed if it is done by all the municipalities in making sure that going forward there is an initiative to get this addressed because it's not just Town and Country," says The Deer Task Force Co-Chair, Barbara Ann Hughes.

The deer task force plans to meet again next month and every month up until September until they can agree on a new plan. 

In September, they hope to have a recommendation to present to the board of alderman, so it can be voted on for the 2018 budget.

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