Lawsuit: Child bound with duct tape for nap time violation -

Lawsuit: Child bound with duct tape for nap time violation

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Zion Lutheran Preschool. Credit: KMOV Zion Lutheran Preschool. Credit: KMOV

Zion Lutheran Preschool in Valley Park is accused of duct-taping a 4-year-old girl because she misbehaved. Now, her parents are suing the school.

"Most of that anger happened the night that she told us, because she said it in such a way that was completely believable," said Joseph Day.

Day said it all started when his daughter, who News 4 is calling "E-D," wasn't lying down for naptime at Zion Lutheran Preschool.

Day said the teacher took action.

"He told my daughter, ‘Hey I've got some duct tape with your name on it.’ He then proceeded to tie it her around her feet. She got up a couple of times and tried to move, and fell both times," said Day.

Day said the school’s director, Barb Dilly, was called in.

"She decided to tie up the feet of the other kids that were there and asked them to all hop around like little bunnies like it was a game," said Day.

Day called the school to speak with Dilly and said he later got a recording from her on his voicemail. 

"I just feel awful. I owe you an apology for my mishandling of this situation. It was very inappropriate and Mr. Josh realized it too because the first thing he said to me when I got there was ‘you know, I am inexperienced and I did something really stupid."

News 4 found Zion Lutheran filed a report with the State of Missouri about the incident. The state found the duct tape allegation to be true.

The school was ordered to come up with a corrective plan within 20 days. Zion Lutheran reportedly submitted the plan on May 21.

Day just wants some accountability and believes the teacher needs to be fired.

"Honestly, if this is something they didn't tell us, what are they not communicating to others?" said Day.

The little girl has since had to be moved to another daycare. 

News 4 reached out to Zion Lutheran, but the school chose not to comment.

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