Brewing controversy surrounding South City coffee shop -

Brewing controversy surrounding South City coffee shop

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Coco Cafe. Credit: KMOV Coco Cafe. Credit: KMOV

A South City coffee shop is trying to keep a brewing controversy from shutting it down.

The shop serves coffee by day and hookah by night. Coco Cafe is off Gravois and Morganford Street. The city is looking at it over various complaints.

With its tropical look on the outside, you might not know what to expect when walking into Coco Cafe. 

“We want the people who come in to go 'wow!' We want them to come back,” says manager Nick Athanas.  

But people who live nearby say they know what to expect, and that is noise.  The city of St. Louis said more than a dozen complaints have been filed. They range from fights to loud music to the sale of illegal narcotics. But Edius Subasic, the owner of Coco Cafe, denies these allegations. 

The most recent nuisance complaint is from May when a fight broke out. 

"The police did come they came to the edge of the parking lot we went over and talked to them. There was nothing going on it was just a bunch of people having a good time looking at cars,” says Athanas.

That's not the only issue facing Coco Cafe.  Their liquor license expired in January.  

“Running a business like this isn't easy and yes we did run for a period of about a month without our liquor license,” says Subasic.  

Subasic says it was an oversight. They have paid the fines and are licensed again. But still, the owner believes everyone can get along.

 "We are willing to work with them we are willing to do what needs to be done to move forward in business and to move forward with the city,” says Subasic.

A nuisance hearing is set for this Thursday at City Hall. At the meeting, people can voice their concerns or support for Coco Cafe.

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