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'Uber Premium' only price option for Lambert Airport pickups; changing soon

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'Uber Premium' only price option for Lambert Airport pickups. (Credit: KMOV) 'Uber Premium' only price option for Lambert Airport pickups. (Credit: KMOV)

Passengers being picked up by Uber from Lambert Airport need to plan on paying a sky high bill, despite legislation passing in April to allow ride-sharing services in Missouri.

'Uber Premium' is the only price option if you order Uber from Lambert because right now that is the only ride-sharing product with a permit to pick up from the airport in St. Louis. 

Frequent travelers have experienced this ride-sharing road block for the last year. 

"I lived in St. Louis for about two years, so I've been here multiple times coming from New Jersey and back here," said Caroline Hathaway.

She's wanted to be able to use Uber, especially when she lands late at night. "Sometimes I want to just be like 'I want to get in an Uber. It's quick, I can call it ahead of time, all those things," said Hathaway. 

Since the bill passed to allow ride-sharing, like Uber and Lyft, people can use it to get dropped off at Lambert and are given several pricing options, ranging from $25 to $68. However, $68 is your only option for a ride being picked up from Lambert Airport.

"Where I live is not that far from the airport, so it would not be worth $68 to only go 8-10 miles," Hathaway said. 

Uber Black, the most expensive option, has had a ground transportation permit with Lambert Airport for the last year. Jeff Lea, with Lambert Airport, said permits for the other, cheaper options with Uber are coming soon.

"Ride-sharing opportunities have been in high demand for passengers and customers," said Lea. 

Lea said the airport commission will vote in July on finalizing the permit to regulate all ride-sharing price options. They expect everything to be finalized by the end of the summer, so landing in St. Louis is seamless from sky to ground.

"It's supposed to be a convenient way of travel, but it's actually an inconvenience, so it becomes difficult," said Andrew Horton, a frequent flyer out of Lambert Airport. 

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