Krewson speaks out about plan to stop violence in St. Louis fol -

Krewson speaks out about plan to stop violence in St. Louis following 5 homicides in 24 hours

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A deadly 24 hours in St. Louis resulted in five people being shot and killed.

One of the five killed was a 13-year-old teenager, and two girls ages 5 and 7, were involved in one of the shootings. The 7-year-old was shot in the head and is in critical condition. This recent cycle of crime has Mayor Lyda Krewson speaking out on a plan to stop the gun violence, but it may cost the taxpayers.

Mayor Krewson wants to place more police in frequently violent areas. She is outraged by how many children are in the crossfire of violence.  

"I am beside myself. How do you shoot a 7-year-old? How do you do that?" said Krewson.

To have more police in specific areas, while still keeping the rest of the city patrolled, the mayor says more officers need to be hired. But she says it's going to cost the taxpayer. After Prop P was passed earlier this year, the pay gap between county and city police keeps widening. 

"Believe me, I know none of us want to pay more taxes. The sales tax is too high, property tax is too high, I get that, but I also know that we need to have a competitively paid police department," said Krewson. 

The Walnut Park East neighborhood has seen a lot of the recent crime, with most of it involving kids. Phyllis Quinones lives in the house right in front of where the 7-year-old was shot in the head and three others were killed.

"Right outside my door. It happens all the time on this block," said Quinones.

It's leaving this community with many questions, they hope Mayor Krewson's plan will answer. 

"Killing is not the answer. What happened to life? What's the value of life these days?" said Quinones.

Quinones believes that the violence will stop once youth are better educated and not exposed to it.

"What are we going to do about all the kids? They're lost. Somebody has to teach them. We're not teaching them right. Something is wrong," said Quinones.

Police say so far in 2017, 10 homicide victims were under the age of 18. 

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