Back-in only: Parking at Kiener Plaza causing confusion -

Back-in only: Parking at Kiener Plaza causing confusion

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A car is ticketed at Kiener Plaza in downtown St. Louis (KMOV) A car is ticketed at Kiener Plaza in downtown St. Louis (KMOV)
ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( -

The city says back-in only angled parking has become more popular across the country in the past five years.

It creates 30 percent more parking spaces, and is said to be safer because passengers aren't getting out into a lane of traffic.

However, they can also be confusing.

News 4 check late Tuesday morning at the parking at the newly renovated Kiener Plaza and discovered at least five illegally parked vehicles.

As the traffic enforcement officers wrote up a ticket, a man watched looking rather confused.  

Shamar Lacy got a ticket for pulling forward into the parking spot rather than backing in.

A sign nearby indicates that the parking is back-in only.

"I just pulled up and paid the metered thing, didn't realize I was supposed to back into the parking spot," said Lacy.

A lot of people told News 4 they're not seeing the signs.

The city says it will soon be putting up bigger signs to avoid the confusion.

According to the city, the compliance rate is about 90 percent, but there is a learning curve when streets are restriped for bike lanes or the parking lane is moved away from the curb and more toward the center of the street.

The city decided to hold off on putting up more signs around Kiener.

"Because it is a park we don't want to litter it with signs, but also under realization that we're not dealing with a neighborhood park where we have same visitors day in and day out," said Deanna Venker, Commissioner of Traffic for the city of St. Louis. "They're more teachable on an every day concern, they're going to learn over time."

Lacy says he doesn't see a problem with the size of the signs that are currently up, but rather takes issue with their location.

"The size is fine, just too far away, if I pull in right here, don't know I'm supposed to back into the parking spot then I have to pay $25 for pulling into a parking spot," Lacy said.

New signs should be going up within the next few days.

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