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Who's behind the humor of the witty signs along Missouri highways and interstates?

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Ever wonder who's behind those clever messages? (Credit: KMOV) Ever wonder who's behind those clever messages? (Credit: KMOV)

Driving along any major Missouri interstate or highway, humor is splashed across several of the Missouri Department of Transportation (MODOT) electronic message boards.

Safety messages on buckling up and texting and drinking while driving are fused with wit to grab drivers’ attention.

 "I love it. I think they're hilarious," said Mike McGaului, a St. Louis driver.

"I don't know who decides what to put on there, but it's pretty funny. I laugh about it," said Nick Simpson, a St. Louis driver.

News 4 went to MODOT offices to find out who was behind the humor. Communications director Linda Wilson Horn, along with a few of her colleagues, are the minds behind the messages across 215 electronic boards throughout the state.

"One of the messages is, 'I find your lack of seatbelt disturbing," playing off of Darth Vader," said Wilson Horn.

The message boards are mainly used for informing drivers of crashes, alternate routes and traffic.

"When we don't have a crash, we're not just going to leave that board blank," said Wilson Horn.

Three years ago, MODOT decided to change things up and get a little more creative.

"Each month we're sort of looking at what's going on, what's going on in normal culture, pop things, is there a fun movie coming out that we can tie onto?" said Wilson Horn.

 Over the years, the humor has certainly grabbed the eyes of drivers.

 "I think it is a good reminder because people forget," said Greg Renna, a St. Louis driver.

 "I think there's one about Honest Abe, honestly? Are you buckled up? Would your mother see that? It's good awareness for the road,” said McGaului.

 Although in 2016, there were over 900 deaths on Missouri highways, a higher rate than normal.

"We're getting the message across, but unfortunately we're not seeing our fatality numbers coming down yet," said Wilson Horn.

MODOT plans to continue to put up clever messages on their signs across the state because they know more people than normal are noticing them. They also have a full multi-agency working to reduce the number of deaths on Missouri roads. For more information go to https://savemolives.com/ 

MODOT is open to hearing your suggestions for clever safety messages for their boards. If you want to submit your idea, email them at momessageboards@modot.mo.gov

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