Registration open for Illinois State Police youth camp -

Registration open for Illinois State Police youth camp

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Image from the Illinois State Police Department's camp (Credit: KMOV) Image from the Illinois State Police Department's camp (Credit: KMOV)

The Illinois State Police Department is offering kids an up-close look at law enforcement, self-discipline, and respect.

The yearly youth camp kicks off this summer, but coordinators are asking you to sign your teenagers up now.

“This is not state funded this camp is run through donations, three or four donations from local organizations and we could not do it without them,” said Young Camp coordinator Sandy Voytas.

The camp is for boys and girls ages 13 through 16 and emphasizes the principles of service and physical training.

The camp started in the late 90’s with just 15 kids with the help of Cary Trame, who works for Illinois State Police.

Trame used to work in Clinton County, Illinois as a teacher for several years. She said kids are her passion.

Currently, the annual camp has about 70 students from all over the Metro East.

“When you see these students graduating and how proud they are of themselves and happy they are. They don't want to leave, they want to stay with us. I think that is the best part of it all,” said Trame.

Trooper Calvin Dye said the teens are on strict schedules and left without electronics for about a week. He also said the camp is intense.         

“They arrive Sunday, and they are kind of like a deer in a headlights they are shell-shocked,” said Dye. “We let them know from the very beginning we are not going to lower our standards. We are going to have them raised up to our standards. Shirts will be tucked in and hats on top of their heads the right way. They will not be allowed to sag their pants, we make that clear very quick.”

If you would like to register your child call Illinois State Police and ask for Trooper Calvin Dye, Jr.
Phone: (618) 973-3050

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