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Teen claims police shot her mother, father, younger sister

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Michel Louka Guirguis was shot by Metro police officers. (Source: Metro Nashville PD) Michel Louka Guirguis was shot by Metro police officers. (Source: Metro Nashville PD)

In an exclusive interview with Channel 4, a teenager said her mother and younger sister were shot by police instead of protecting them from their father.

Officials say the entire incident could have been prevented if the District Attorney's Office did mistakenly release the father when he still should have been in jail.

“I went downstairs and there is blood everywhere, everything is broken," said Mariam Kalds, the 15-year-old daughter to Michel Guirguis.

Guirguis is accused of breaking into his family's home in Antioch on Tuesday morning in a rage looking to hurt his wife and two daughters.

"I called police, which I should have not," Kalds said.

Kalds told Channel 4 she called police for help, but regrets that decision because of what transpired.

"I regret that I called police because all the damage, and my Mom's injury and my sister's injury is from police," Kalds said.

She said it was not her father that shot at her family, but police.

Police said when they arrived, Guirguis had a gun pointed at his wife. They felt that she was in imminent danger. Police said because of that they decided to fire at Guirguis.

Whose bullet hit the wife and 10-year-old daughter is still being investigated, but police said there were many shots fired from both Guirguis and the officers.

"Everything went wrong, everyone did that little careless mistake and everything was ruined," Kalds said.

The biggest mistake may be the fact that the criminal trespassing charge against Guirguis was retired the night before by an assistant district attorney.

Officials told Channel 4 he should not have been let out of jail. That is why his wife and children felt it was safe to be at home in the first place.

"They should have warned us and told us that he was out," Kalds said.

That is something District Attorney General Glenn Funk said is protocol, adding he cannot believe it did not happen in this case.

"Every assistant district attorney is trained that you never resolve a case without talking to the victim first," Funk said.

The assistant district attorney who made the mistake is so distraught over what happened he has resigned.

"My mom, she is an amazing woman and she is trying so hard to keep the family together, and then police ruin everything," Kalds said.

When asked if she is mad at her father, Kalds said, "No, because I know he is not aware of what he did and that everything is because he needs his medication and he is not getting that.”

New warrants were issued for Guirguis on Thursday charging him with one count of aggravated assault and three counts of domestic assault for violence against his wife and children that had not been previously reported to police. 

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