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Hazelwood woman says $812 MSD bill is ‘out-of-line’

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A Hazelwood woman says her $812 sewer bill is out of line. (Credit: KMOV) A Hazelwood woman says her $812 sewer bill is out of line. (Credit: KMOV)

A Hazelwood woman says her $812 sewer bill is out of line. It was her first bill after buying a new house.

Jean Dantzler bought the home in July 2015.

She switched most of the utilities into her name at that time, but she never called The Metropolitan Sewer District.


Because the title company's paperwork instructed her not to.

The paperwork stated, "sewer will get automatically switched at closing so no calls are needed."

But then more than a year later Danzler started going through paperwork," I started doing a budget for January for this year, I had everything listed, I don't have a sewer bill."

So she called MSD a year and a half after she purchased the home and informed them she never received a bill.

Shortly after that, her first bill arrived for $812.

Dantzler says she simply can't afford to pay the back amount.

Missouri American Water states it share new accounts with MSD, and that Dantzler's data was entered into the system way back in October 2015.

When News 4 asked MSD spokesperson Lance Lecomb what happened he told us it was "a computer glitch."

Lecomb says it's rare, but the previous owner of Dantzler's house was actually owed a credit on their sewer bill.

Most accounts close out owing a balance so the scenario created a glitch in the system, a glitch Lecomb says is now fixed.

Lecomb says they are willing to be flexible with Dantzler and anyone that winds up in a similar situation.

MSD plans to reach out to Dantzler to see if they can come to an agreeable repayment plan.

The MSD spokesman also adds, if you buy a home and don't receive a bill for several months: call them.

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