Youngest St. Louis Alderman says he's ready to make a change -

Youngest St. Louis Alderman says he's ready to make a change

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Alderman John Collins-Muhammad (Credit: KMOV) Alderman John Collins-Muhammad (Credit: KMOV)
ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( -

The city’s youngest St. Louis Alderman is ready to make a change.

John Collins-Muhammad, 25, was elected the 21st Ward Alderman in April and he’s advocating progression.

“I want to do something that changes lives,” said Collins-Muhammad.  “I want to do something that people can say, he helped me or he made my life better. I just want to improve the quality of lives for people.”

He was raised in North City and says he knows some of the struggles his constituents face daily.

Collins-Muhammad wants to push economic development in his ward.

“When you look at my ward we have a lack of businesses, low-income housing, lack of quality housing. You have failing and closing schools and we have people who are just not interested or have not faith in government. And I want to restore and build up trust between elected officials and the community,” said Collins-Muhammad.

Every day he says he walks outside, sees vacant buildings and hear about crime drenching the area. City crime is something he says the city needs to address.

Former St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson’s retirement was long overdue, according to Collins-Muhammad.

He would like to see better-trained officers who can relate to people and look like those they protect.  

“Young people feel like they have no opportunity, no access. People are losing their jobs, there are so many problems that we’re going through,” said Collins-Muhammad. “I just want to play a small role in addressing some of those problems in recreating our communities and rebuild our community’s and make it a decent, safe place to live, work, and play.”

Collins-Muhammad says “effective leadership” is what St. Louis needs right now.

“Politicians sometimes get caught up in the political game, the political genre. They lose sight of what really matters and that’s making sure that the single mother who’s working three jobs can afford to stay in her house that the senior citizen doesn’t have to choose between her medicine and eating at night.”

Collins says his young age will hopefully allow him to connect with his ward to show them he’s authentic. 

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