Could massive flooding from last week lead to a larger mosquito -

Could massive flooding from last week lead to a larger mosquito population?

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A generic photograph of mosquitos. A generic photograph of mosquitos.

ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( - There is a new concern following last week's massive flooding that it could bring more mosquitoes. Mosquitoes need water to survive and there's plenty of it still left over.  

"The water is up quite a bit, none of this would normally here," says Vector Control Specialist Tom Noftsinger.  

The first thing he does is take a look. 

"My instinct tells me that this necessarily isn't going to be breeding because it's so temporary.," he says. 

He then takes a water sample, where his instincts were quickly confirmed. 

"There is a lot of debris in the water but no mosquitoes larvae."  

News 4 asked Noftsinger what he meant by the water being temporary and the affect if has on the insect. 

"They are smart enough to know where the water is going to tend to stick around for a while. So if you have a bird bath and you keep it full of water they somehow can sense that and lay eggs in there," he says. 

Down the road, Noftsinger finds what he is looking for. 

"There is quite a few in there," he says. 

Could we expect to see more mosquitoes this season because of all the flooding from last week? That is big question experts say right now is too early to tell. 

"We can't really get out and assess the situation and treat until those waters go back within their banks and once those rivers are back in their banks and we can get access to the standing water," says Vector Control Supervisor James Sayer. 

In the meantime those waters that crews can get to, they are treating. Noftsinger throws in packets that will slowly release bacteria into the water to kill the mosquitoes. 

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