Pacific seeking federal aid as flood damage again takes its toll -

Pacific seeking federal aid as flood damage again takes its toll

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UNION, Mo. ( -- When businesses in Union started sandbagging to keep the Bourbeuse River waters away, there was one restaurant that didn't bother.

The McDonald's completely rebuilt after the flood of 2015.

They used materials capable of withstanding six feet of water, meaning they had no need for sandbags when 2017’s floodwaters arrived.

But the owners say they are still dealing with this week's flooding at other locations.

"There's a lot of people that work very hard to try and keep the water out,” said Deb Klak, owner of the Union location. When one of Klak's restaurants re-opens, another faces issues. A precautionary boil advisory is in place in Pacific, adding to the amount of worries for the Franklin County town.

"With all the creeks and streams backed up there's the threat of flash flooding now,” said Ward 1 Alderman Nick Chlebowski. “Everybody needs to be prepared for that."

With roughly 50 businesses and 300 homes already affected by high water just 16 months after the flood of December 2015, people in Pacific are wondering when help will arrive.

"We need help from the state and federal government to help clean up from these things. These types of disasters are not something that at a local level we can handle on a regular basis," Chlebowski said.

Pacific will be applying for FEMA aid and also appealing their denial for $1.5 million of assistance following the flood of December 2015.

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