Pacific residents packing up, some plan to move out for good -

Pacific residents packing up, some plan to move out for good

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Pacific, Mo. (Credit: KMOV) Pacific, Mo. (Credit: KMOV)
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PACIFIC, Mo. ( -- Volunteers in Pacific just wrapped up their final efforts before the flood hits. In three days, workers went through 500 tons of sand.

Pacific's City Engineer said the flood levels have already exceeded expectations and are nearing in on record levels, but the damage is already done for many residents in the town.

"It's just sad you know. It Happened so quick we couldn't even really enjoy it, you know. Get back in, remodel, but I guess mother nature's going to do her thing you cant control her," said mother of three, Brenda Christian. 

Brenda Christian says she watched helplessly as her porch drifted away from her home and is now underwater for the second time in 16 months, counting the flood of Dec.2015. 

Christian said she does remain positive.

 "You've got to stay positive when you've got three kids. If you get down you're going to get them down. This is the third flood they've been through," said Christian.

Throughout the town, residents are working in haste to move everything out of their home before it's too late.

"I'm taking the coffee pot with me, I'm going to need that," Joel Goehler said as he loaded boxes.

Goehler and his wife spent Monday clearing out as high water headed toward their home. It’s the second time in the last 16 months.

“I'm tired of doing this, we were all set up in there and now i have to do everything again,” Goehler said.

Like many in the town, they’re still recovering from the flood in December of 2015. It's the reason residents say people are calling it quits on life in Pacific.

“We all lost everything last time. Some of them just gave up and left, they didn't take anything," said Renee Swanson, Goehler’s partner.

But the pair isn’t giving up. They're grabbing every last item of importance they own and moving forward as the flood moves further in.

“It happens. It's life. You just pack up your stuff and move on. That's what we're doing," Swanson said.

Officers say the current water level is slated to cap at 32.94, but the initial expectation was 32.3. The record in 2015 was 33.4.

Even with the flooding happening in Pacific, the 7th and 8th-grade bands will still perform the national anthem at Busch Stadium for the Cardinals vs. Brewers game at 7:15 p.m. 

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