Lindbergh High School hosts annual 'teens meet vets' day -

Lindbergh High School hosts annual 'teens meet vets' day

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY ( -- Lindbergh High School offered students a unique opportunity this week, learning military life from the men who lived it.

It's a program the school's been doing for nearly a decade where teens met with Vietnam veterans.

It was a crash course on everything they experienced during their time in the military.

Students get a history lesson and the veterans get to tell their story.    

“It's 100 percent therapeutic. Rich and some of my other vet friends, they go to several high schools in the St. Louis area; Eureka, Clayton, Lindbergh and we talk for an hour or two hours on sessions about a book called ‘The Things They Carry’ by Tim O'Brien,” said veteran Michael Lavin. “While there is one chapter in that book that time writes in the ‘I’ person, the other chapters are supposedly fiction. But they’re not fiction. Not in my mind.”

Today's forum at Lindbergh High was solely about the Vietnam War and featured close to 50 Vietnam veterans.

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