Congresswoman pushing for more education on human trafficking -

Congresswoman pushing for more education on human trafficking

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Travel Centers of America. (Credit: KMOV) Travel Centers of America. (Credit: KMOV)

ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( – Congresswoman Ann Wagner is pushing for more education when it comes to human trafficking.

She said the St. Louis area is in the top 20 locations in the country for human trafficking.  

Victims of human trafficking are often used for sexual exploitation.

Wagner toured the “Travel Centers of America” truck stop along Interstate 70, notices hang on the walls there with a number to call to report suspects trafficking. 

Wagner said human trafficking is a modern form of slavery that affects every community in the country.

“Honestly, this is about education and awareness, real people have to wake up and realize this scourge of human trafficking is all over our society,” she said.

Travel Centers of America employees go through training on their first day that tells them what to look for to spot victims.

“If they’re not dressed appropriately for the weather or if they’re nervous purchasing merchandise someone does it for them,” said Geoffrey Hall of Travel Centers of America.

The center has more than 250 locations in 43 states and its purpose is to educate the public.

“What you begin to realize when you talk with law enforcement is that it’s different groups that are trafficking, southern California, it’s drug gangs both in L.A. and in Mexico kidnapping kids and bringing them up into our country,” said Tom Liutkus, also of the center.

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