Contractor Objects to MSD Board's Rejection of Lowest Bid -

Contractor Objects to MSD Board's Rejection of Lowest Bid

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A contracting firm based in Michigan is upset with MSD over the rejection of their lowest bid on a tunnel project in St. Louis County.

Jay Dee Contractors says their $145 million bid for the 4-mile tunnel along the Deer Creek watershed was passed over by MSD's Board of Trustees.

"We still don't understand what we were required to do to have approval by the board," said Abdul-Ghani Mekkaoui of Jay Dee after attending a meeting with MSD officials.

MSD is taking bids on a massive project, worth $4.7 billion. The utility is mandated by the federal government, to upgrade and improve the system

The bid was rejected by MSD's Board of Trustees last week despite having the approval of MSD staff.

MSD's Executive Director, Brian Hoelscher called it, "rare" that the Board would go against a staff recommendation to accept the bid.

Lance LeComb, MSD spokesman, says the Board is not a "rubber stamp" to recommendations.

"Our dollars are being spent very wisely," LeComb says.

MSD officials are now weighing options of allowing the second place bidder at $2 million more or starting the biding process  over.

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