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MetroLink making incoming call logs public

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MetroLink (Credit: KMOV) MetroLink (Credit: KMOV)

To combat the recent rise in crime on platforms and trains, MetroLink is supplying more security and transparency. 

In addition to adding more security officers at each station, MetroLink is providing public access to their call log to dispatch. This information will allow the public to see what type calls came in and how often they are made. The logs will also give the locations of what stations the calls are being made to. 

This response follows a recent string of crimes on MetroLink over the last month, including two fatal shootings and two suspicious packages left on the Brentwood platform. The packages were later found to be a hoax, intended to look like explosives.

“Oh I've seen a lot of things on the MetroLink,” said Antonio Burns, who rides the train back and forth from work every week.

Burns has adapted plenty of tactics to stay safe when he travels.

“I just don't get on with my headphones on. I just make sure I'm always alert at all times,” Burns said.

Staying alert on the Metrolink is a lesson he learned from losing his brother.

Last summer, he said his brother was followed home from the Metrolink station and killed.

“It was tragic, but at the same time that made me open my eyes up because he had his headphones on and he didn't know he was being followed,” Burns said.

Burns said he expects risks with riding the Metrolink, but lately it’s been too much.

“It's public transportation. I’m pretty sure it goes in almost every city, it just now it's starting to hit home pretty hard,” Burns said.

Metrolink says they’ve received several requests from the public to provide easily accessible information about crime at each station, which is why they placed the public safety call log for each week on their website. However this log does not include calls that are made to 9-1-1. This is police recorded information only.

MetroLink says they are still discussing even more safety improvement and tell News 4 that “no options are off the table.”

Burns is hopeful the crime will slow down now.

“I feel like things can only get better,” Burns said.

St. Louis County Police are still looking for the suspect or suspects who left the suspicious packages at the Brentwood station. Anyone with information can call Crime Stoppers - (1-866-371-8477).

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