How some municipalities plan to spend Prop P money -

How some municipalities plan to spend Prop P money

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Florissant police. Credit: KMOV Florissant police. Credit: KMOV

Several St. Louis County municipalities spoke to News 4 about how they plan to spend money generated from a tax put into place after the passage of Proposition P.

Proposition P passed easily on Tuesday night, with more than 60 percent of those who voted in St. Louis County supporting it.

Under the plan, a half-cent sales tax will be levied to increase public safety, with some money going towards hiring more officers at the St. Louis County Police Department. Supporters say the tax will raise $80 million, some of which also be split by the municipalities based on population.

The Florissant Police Department said it will use its portion of Proposition P money to tackle two tackle two main priorities.

“It will go towards salaries for officers and body cameras. Those are the top two priorities. We will not be hiring any more officers,” said Officer Steve Michael with Florissant PD.

The Florissant Police Department has 93 officers that serve 52,000 people. Because it is St. Louis County’s largest city, Florissant will receive more than $2 million.

The situation is different in Chesterfield, the county’s second-most populous town. Mayor Bob Nation opposed Proposition P, claiming a tax increase wasn’t justified. He said he has no plan for how to spend the money because was hoping the measure would not pass.

The revenue is expected to have a big impact on smaller municipalities such as St. John, which has a population of only 6,500 and has 24 police officers.

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