Vandals cause thousands of dollars in property damage at mainten -

Vandals cause thousands of dollars in property damage at maintenance building

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WOOD RIVER, IL. ( ---Happening right now, the search for vandals who destroyed thousands of dollars of property. Workers discovered the damage on Monday at the Wood River township maintenance building.

"We had a copy machine destroyed and coffee pot destroyed. They riffled through the belongings of the workers through the lockers," says Foreman Rocky McDonald. 

Left behind on that copy machine, blood. 

"They cut their arm or leg on the way in crawling through the window and they left some blood on the copy machine and work bays," says McDonald. 

A used first aid kit was found by the trucks in the back too. McDonald says this is just the start of the damage at the wood river maintenance building left behind by vandals. 

"They busted out the windows on one of our new dump trucks, sprayed soda and threw eggs all over the inside of the building as well," he says. 

While much of the building has tools and equipment, there are hazardous chemicals. The vandals didn't mess with those. A similar scene played out in February. 

"I saw this and I thought ah man, here we go again. They busted the same windshield out of the same truck the last time, just senseless damage," he says. 

With $5,000 worth of property damage, McDonald says the biggest question he has for the vandals is why. 

"I have to spend a portion of my day cleaning the mess putting everything back in the lockers and checking for items that may have been stolen,"says McDonald.  

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