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Father of police officer pens letter ahead of public safety vote

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The father posted his thoughts on Facebook. (Credit: KMOV) The father posted his thoughts on Facebook. (Credit: KMOV)
ST. ANN, Mo. (KMOV.com) -

The father of a St. Ann police officer is taking to Facebook on the eve of Election Night.

He starts the message with, “Being the parent of a police officer is turning out to be something more than I thought it was going to be.”

It’s not a letter directly supporting Proposition P, a sales tax increase that would increase funding for public safety in St. Louis County, or Proposition L, a property tax increase in St. Ann to help maintain services, but it’s being taken as such.

Vince Hamm said he just started jotting down thoughts, and the letter came out.

“In everything I’ve been reading online lately, all the heresy of what should be, what shouldn’t be, lets come back and realize these guys are human beings,” said Hamm. “It goes way beyond going after bad guys, its helping residents of St. Ann and being there for him.”

On Tuesday, voters will have the chance to decide on two propositions that would raise taxes.

Proposition P would raise sales taxes by one-half of one percent. It’s expected to generate up to $80 million a year. About $46 million would go to St. Louis County Police with the rest being split up among the other municipalities. St. Ann Police say they would receive about $600,000.

Opponents of Proposition P say there is not enough accountability for where exactly the money will go.

“They’re exploiting sympathy for police to get hundreds of millions of dollars for which they will be hardly accountable at all,” said Tom Sullivan, a vocal opponent of Proposition P.

St. Ann Police have outlined a proposal of how they will use the money. But it’s not enough to meet their nearly $1 million need to maintain services.

That’s why residents in St. Ann will also vote on Proposition L. It’s an increase of 52 cents. St. Ann Police say if Prop L doesn’t pass, they would be forced to cut 15 officers, response times would slow and patrolling will be limited.

Hamm says he worries about the community and his son’s job, but his concern is for all of the sons and daughters in uniform.

“Like I said in the letter, I drive by someone pulled over by a police officer, I’m looking to see if everything’s okay, I look and see if they’re ok because I’m part of the family now.”

Read the rest of his letter on Facebook.

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