Larry Rice vowing to fight to re-open downtown homeless shelter -

Larry Rice vowing to fight to re-open downtown homeless shelter

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( - Right now, Reverend Larry Rice is working to re-open his downtown homeless shelter. The New Life Evangelistic Center had to close last night by order of the city.

With the center closed, people like Eddie have one less option. 

"It is kind of hard because the majority of shelters out here they are not walk-ins you have to call, hope there is a bed that is open, if not you are stuck outside," said Eddie who lives on the street. 

Eddie says it's tough on the streets. 

"I didn't choose this life. I am just trying to better my life and everything. Some people think since they have a house, they aren't worried about what is going on out here or whose life they might be affecting," he says. 

After the doors closed Sunday at New Life, the city says 76 people went to the city-ran shelter instead. They got registered at Biddle House, but 25 of them did not show up for shelter that night. 

Now reverend Larry Rice vows to keep helping those in need, even sleeping on the streets with them if needed.

"We are giving out blankets all night, we had our porta potty all night, when we had food, they gave it to the people that were here," said Revered Larry Rice. 

Rice says he's working to get the center in compliance.

"We are allowed to have people come into the building, fix the building, contractors of the like so we are doing everything we can to get into compliance for daytime service," said Rice. 

The city said Rice must comply with the law, something they claim hasn't been done for more than two years. But Rice said he won't give up. 

"We are going to continue to be out here helping people until we can go back inside the building," said Rice.

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