News 4 Schools: Students learn about internet safety in new clas -

News 4 Schools: Students learn about internet safety in new class

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. ( – Administrators at Valley Middle School in House Springs are teaching sixth graders about internet safety in a new class. 

When student’s leave middle school they will be issued laptops and teachers want to make sure students know how to be smart and safe while they are online.

“But a lot of them have been using them so long they were never really told what to do with Facebook, they just get on Facebook, they don’t really know the dangers of Facebook,” computer science teacher Darik Durham said.

Sixth grader Destiny Clark said she’s already taken the things she's learned in the class and applied them to real life situations. 

“When I get online and I see something that might be a hacker I just do the things I learned in this class to not do so I don’t get hacked at all,” she said.

And sixth grader Carson Hawkins said if you’re unsure of something, make sure to ask your parents first.

“If it’s an update to your computer don’t do it ask your parents, let them do it,” he said.

Along with learning how to be safe online, students are learning how to use online tools like customizing Google pages or building websites. And for many students, that is their favorite part of the class.

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