St. Louis County looking for Republican poll workers -

St. Louis County looking for Republican poll workers

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Voters in St. Louis County will head to the polls on April 4. In the meantime, St. Louis County Election Board officials are putting out a call for more Republican poll workers.

"We need about 3,500 workers total to man the polls on Election Day. Half of those workers have to be Democrat. Half have to be Republican," said Rick Stream, Republican Director of the St. Louis County Board of Elections. "We need to have an equal number to ensure fairness."

Stream said they still need 50-75 Republican poll workers to make it even.

"This is a normal situation. It's the way it's always been," said Stream. "St. Louis County is a Democrat county. It votes Democrat almost entirely in every county wide election. So there are more Democrats in the county and that probably explains why we have more Democrat workers than Republicans."

The day of working the polls pays. Election workers are paid $155 and supervisors make $205 for the day. That money comes from the board’s budget, which is partly funded by the fees paid by municipalities or petitioners to get an issue on the ballot.

Stream said that's not why people do it, though.

"It's part of the process of America, of elections and democracy," said Steam. "People are not doing it for the pay, generally. They are doing it as a public service to try and encourage people to come out to the polls and vote."

Poll workers help keep the voting process smooth. They are in charge of handing out the correct ballot, ensuring there are no disturbances, and getting ballots back to headquarters to be counted at the end of the day. To make sure it's done properly, some training is needed. Those two to three hours are also paid.

Stream said the only qualification needed to be a poll worker is the person must be 18 years or older and they must declare a party affiliation.

For information, call 314-615-1865 or click here.

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