GRAPHIC VIDEO: Good Samaritan shoots man beating police officer -

GRAPHIC VIDEO: Good Samaritan shoots man beating police officer

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Source: WINK via CNN Source: WINK via CNN

ESTERO, Fl. (WINK/CNN) - Newly released cellphone video shows the moment a passer-by shot a man attacking a Florida deputy in November.

Lee County Sheriff’s Deputy Dean Bardes attempted to pull over 53-year-old Edward Strother for speeding on Nov. 14, which led to a high-speed chase when Strother refused to comply.

Strother eventually stopped his vehicle, jumped out the car and started attacking the deputy, according to police records. At one point, the 53-year-old punched the officer and reached for his firearm.

Passer-by Ashad Russell, who was carrying a concealed weapon stepped in.

In the video, Russell walks up to the spot where Strother and Bardes were grappling on the pavement.  Later, he draws his weapon and three shots ring out.

A witness, John Barnes-Morrison, said Russell warned the suspect several times to stop before shooting him.

"Before I got over there, there was a guy that had a gun pulled on him, the guy attacking the police officer, telling him to get off the police officer several times,” said Barnes-Morrison. “The police officer screams 'Shoot him! Shoot him! Shoot him!'"

Strother later died at the hospital.

Barnes-Morrison said Russell was “pretty shook up” after the shooting.

"Me and one other gentleman were encouraging him, re-enforcing that he did the right thing,” he said.

Russell was cleared of any wrongdoing in the death of Strother. Deputy Bardes was treated and released at Lee Memorial hospital.

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