Man accused of making JCC bomb threats is no stranger to controv -

Man accused of making JCC bomb threats is no stranger to controversy

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( – Juan Thompson is no stranger to controversy. His various online profiles depict a man fighting what he believed to be injustice, hypocrisy, and stupidity. 

Thompson was arrested Friday morning after investigators have alleged he is responsible for nationwide threats to Jewish community centers over the past few months. He previously worked for The Intercept, an online news publication.

He was fired from his job as a managing editor for fabricating stories. He co-hosted an online show to fight what he called ‘oppressive racism’ and railed against Republicans. He claimed to be an adversarial journalist and also dogged Democrats like Hillary Clinton. 

His firing from The Intercept was for what the publication called, a “pattern of deception.” In one story, Thompson claimed the cousin of the South Carolina church shooter, Dylan Roof, was normal until he started listening to white power music and claimed Roof went over the edge when a girl he liked started dating a black guy. The existence of the cousin in Thompson’s story was called into question when Roof’s own family said they did not know the cousin quoted in the piece. 

Thompson’s online conversations seemed to revolve around race and powerful people he did not like. 

Thompson had an interest in politics and intended to run for mayor of St. Louis. He devised a 10-point plan he wanted to enact if elected, however, he never filed the paperwork required to be in the race. 

Thompson's thoughts on politics and race expanded beyond Twitter to YouTube.  In part of his 10-step plan, he stressed the importance of of demilitarizing the police to end the targeting of black people along with ending SWAT teams and no knock raids. He announced his intent to run for mayor the day after Governor Greteins' wife was robbed at gunpoint. Thompson said to not feel bad for Greteins because he will rob poor people over the next four years. 

In 2004, Thompson graduated from Mehlville High School where he was on the student council. Investigators are continuing to look into other harassment claims against Thompson.

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