LGBT march puts spotlight on transgender rights -

LGBT march puts spotlight on transgender rights

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ST. LOUIS, Mo ( – Hundreds of people came out for the LGBT March in Downtown St. Louis Saturday afternoon.

The march stretched from Union Station to Tucker Boulevard and Market Street and was meant to put a spotlight on a major issue in the LGBT community: transgender rights.

President Donald Trump’s administration struck down federal guidelines regarding transgender students using public school restrooms, saying the issue should be handled at a state level.

One transgender woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, said she rarely uses public bathrooms out of a fear of violence.

“I don’t use public bathrooms very often because honestly you go into the men’s room, there’s a high chance of being assaulted physically or much worse. And you go into the women’s room and you have a good chance of ending up in a nice [jail cell],” she said.

Aiko Tsuchida said transgender women of color continue to be targets of physical and sexual abuse at a higher rate than other groups in the community. 

Tsuchida also said while marches like these are great, they do have drawbacks.

“Visibility is a double edge sword because it allows for the progression of our rights, but it also allows increase scrutiny for individuals who may not have known of our existence,” Tsuchida said. 

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