Family of missing man looking for answers after a body is found -

Family of missing man looking for answers after a body is found in Cahokia

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Body found in Cahokia, Ill. (Credit: KMOV) Body found in Cahokia, Ill. (Credit: KMOV)
Body found in Cahokia, Ill (Credit: KMOV) Body found in Cahokia, Ill (Credit: KMOV)

CAHOKIA, Ill ( - A body was discovered Saturday afternoon, in an area where a local man went missing 13 months ago.

Investigators spent hours in a wooded area off Route 3 in Cahokia. Police are still working to identify the body. But a local family is hoping this new discovery will finally bring them some answers.

Last January, 44-year-old Chris Stasiak went hunting, and never came home.

"He was the best guy in the world, he was more than just my brother he was my best friend he looked up to me. I looked up to him, we kind of leaned on each other," said Michael Stasiak, Chris' brother.

Stasiak says life hasn't been the same since his brother went missing,

"Kind of hallow dead on the inside wanting to know answers about what happened, wanting some kind of closure."
Around 1:30 p.m. Saturday, police say a man found a body in a wooded area about 75 yards off Route 3.

"It appears that he might have been hunting at the time but we've only taken a precursory look back there, we're waiting for our crime scene to process that scene before we can really get in there and process the investigation," said Capt. Bruce Fleshren with St. Clair County Sheriff's Department.

Chris Stasiak was dropped off to go hunting just a couple blocks from where the body was found. Police say he was last seen walking on the railroad tracks under Route 3. Last year, several agencies came together to search the area but didn't find anything.
"It was so weird because there were so many people searching over there and when
I heard about it tonight. When they were searching that area, it’s like wow because everyone was right around that area," said Stasiak.
Stasiak says he believes it's his brother and hopes this will finally bring his family some closure.
"It would be a big relief I just want to know if it’s natural or foul play or how it went," said Stasiak.
Police say they plan to conduct an autopsy this week.
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