Family reunites with paramedics who performed home delivery 7 ye -

Family reunites with paramedics who performed home delivery 7 years ago

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ST. LOUIS ( - A family in Florissant reunited with the first responders who helped bring their son into the world seven years ago. Justin Bell was a born a healthy baby boy and his parents give local law enforcement and EMS all the credit.

Dorthy Bell and her husband Jason were like any new parents.

"We tried to do everything right; everything by the book. We took all the classes, we read all the books. Well, Justin had is own plan." said Bell.

Days away from delivery, Dorothy was ready to go to the hospital but her son held her back.

"During that process Justin literally started pushing on his own," said Bell. That's when they called 911. St. Louis County Police Officer Rinck was the first to show up.

"A very stressful, high strung situation became calm immediately. He came in and immediately took control, reassured me that everything was going to be okay," Bell remembers.

Right behind him were the paramedics from Christian Hospital.

"You never really know exactly what you're getting into. You kind of just prepare for the worst and expect the best," said Tricia O'Laughlin, a paramedic at Christian Hospital.

"She said 'Dorthy, listen you need to push now or he's going to stop breathing, and that was all I needed to hear," said Bell.

Minutes later, the Bells welcomed a healthy baby boy into the world.

"I think a lot of times in our career field we see people at their worst so when you get to have these happy moments of bringing a new life into the world; a healthy baby boy, it's one of the experiences you will never forget," O'Laughlin said.

The family of four can't imagine life without Justin, which is why they brought everyone together seven years later.

"It's like a family reunion really in of itself because they really took care of me," said Bell.

On that December Day, their family grew by much more than just one. 

"That whole team to me are like angels on earth," said Bell.

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