Brown and Crouppen weighs relocation amid downtown crime concern -

Brown and Crouppen weighs relocation amid downtown crime concerns

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Brown and Crouppen downtown offices (KMOV) Brown and Crouppen downtown offices (KMOV)

ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( – Due to recent violent crime in downtown St. Louis, attorneys from Brown and Crouppen said they are considering a move.

In addition to the 200 employees at Brown and Crouppen, thousands of clients, attorneys and court reporters are in and out of their downtown offices every year.

Ed Herman, Brown and Crouppen managing partner, can recall several violent crimes from the last few years including a shooting near the Old Cathedral that paralyzed Chris Sanna, an army veteran.

“At some point you either become desensitized and say that's the way of the world or you say. I can't live like this,” Herman said.

Missy Kelley of Downtown STL, Inc. said she’s frustrated that there isn’t a viable plan in place to fight downtown crime.

“We all need to figure this out and [the] biggest frustration is we only talk about this, it seems it only gets real attention like real attention when there's sensational crime or a biz is ready to move out of town ... that's not good enough.”

Police Chief Sam Dotson said there are more police officers on bikes and walking the sidewalks of downtown than there have been in the past.

“One thing I want to talk about is the judges, if we make an arrest downtown I want to make sure the courts follow through with prosecution and give them a sentence commiserate with that crime,” Dotson said.

Since Brown and Crouppen mentioned the move, a meeting was arranged between the mayor’s office, Chief Dotson and the law firm.

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