Authorities warn residents about illegal shipping scam -

Authorities warn residents about illegal shipping scam

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ST. LOUIS ( -- There’s a warning being issued for those hunting for a new job. Scammers are using a scheme that could get victims into legal trouble.

The Better Business Bureau of St. Louis is alerting residents about an illegal package re-shipping operation that's using multiple St. Louis business addresses to recruit people to receive and then re-ship merchandise bought with stolen credit cards.

Investigators says those accepting those packages is likely helping thieves smuggle stolen property out of the country.

“It looked legit.There's no reason why somebody wouldn’t go, ‘They know my name, they know everything about me, they say they found me on a job posting site, yeah I'll call them, the phone number's right here, I'll fill out the app,’" said Cherri Newbury, president of and victim of the scam.  

The St. Peters company was one of a long list of companies hit by sales using stolen credit cards years ago.

Authorities warn to avoid anyone offering a home shipping job, no matter how much it pays, or you'll be breaking the law.

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