Study: Kids, adults consuming more fake sugar than ever before -

Study: Kids, adults consuming more fake sugar than ever before

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A recent study found kids and adults are consuming more fake sugars than ever before.

Researchers at George Washington University looked at CDC numbers from 1999-2012. They found in 1999 about 9 percent of kids consumed low-calorie sweeteners, but the latest numbers show that number has increased to 25 percent.

Kids aren’t the only ones impacted, 41 percent of adults said they’ve consumed low-calorie sweeteners in food and beverages.

Marilyn Tanner-Blasiar, a registered dietitian with Washington University, said low-calorie sweeteners are sugar substitutes. She said they give you a sweet taste without the calories that come with sugar.

“Balance, variety and moderation,” said Tanner-Blasiar. "When you’re eating you want to eat and drink all of the foods from the food groups, you get that balance and that variety."

The study suggest people tend to gain weight when they regularly use these sweeteners although the reason why isn't yet clear.

"Right now as it stands, we don’t know that there are any negative effects, there’s no proof that there’s negative effects," said Tanner-Blasiar. "The only thing that one study was showing was that it does show up in the blood stream. Where does that take up? That what research is going to give us the answer to and we’ll look into that now that it might be an issue and we’ll go from there.”

Tanner-Blasiar said fake sugars are also in diet sodas, yogurts, granola bars and candy. 

“One of the higher intakes of kids and adults are yogurts, so they’ve taken the sugar out of the yogurts and they’ve replaced some of that with low calorie sweeteners which decreases the calories and that is one of the means of people getting it in,” said Tanner-Blasiar.

She said Americans are likely consuming more of these sugar substitutes because there’s been a change of products kids are eating. Years ago, yogurt may not have been popular amount kids and now it’s become more mainstream.

Artificial sweeteners like sucrose and high- fructose corn syrup have through rigorous testing and approved by the FDA to make sure they’re ok and allowed in our food, according to Tanner-Blasiar.

She says like anything else we must consume in moderation. 

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