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Police search for suspect after woman kidnapped across from SLU campus

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ST. LOUIS (KMOV.com) -- A woman was the victim of a frightening crime that took place right across the street from St. Louis University’s campus Wednesday.

According to police, around 6 p.m. a man grabbed her off the sidewalk on Olive Street near Compton and forced her into a car.

Officers say the kidnapper pulled a gun on the woman inside the car, but she fought with him so much he let her out down the street, leaving behind her purse, phone and keys to her house.

Now the search is on for the suspect.

There are cameras across the street on the SLU campus, but it's unclear if their view includes the side of the street the victim was taken from.     

People who live nearby never saw a thing, and it has many residents on edge.

Kaitlyn Coulter is in the process of moving into the neighborhood. She assumed across the street from the university would be safe.

"It's terrible for her. I mean that's awful," Coulter said. "I feel pretty safe, but knowing- knowing what happened will definitely make me feel a little uncomfortable."

The block of Olive in which the victim was taken includes campus offices and a parking garage for Chaifetz Arena. On the other side, a few empty storefronts and a barber shop.

"Normally it's real quiet up here,” said Curt Massey, an employee at New Grand Center Barber Shop. “We just see a few students in the building going to school over there."

Massey said he'd left work before it happened but co-workers said they didn't see anything.

The suspect was driving a black Monte Carlo and is described as a black man, age 20-25 and 5’10, 180-pounds. Police  say he had a goatee, a medium complexion and short hair.

Authorities continue to look for witnesses, and anyone who has any information on the incident is urged to come forward.

In the wake of the kidnapping, residents in the area are making sure they keep their eyes open.

“I've been down here for like ten years,” said Dan Brown. “Nothing's ever happened to me but I hear about it enough that it definitely makes me watch my back when i'm out here."

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