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Wentzville exploring becoming a charter city

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The City of Wentzville is exploring the idea of becoming a charter city.

There are different types of municipalities, a village, a 3rd Class City, a 4th Class City and a charter city, Currently, Wentzville is a 4th Class City.

A charter city is not controlled by the state whereas the other types of municipalities are subject to limitations based on state laws, meaning the city residents cannot dictate laws and elected offices.

Several cities surrounding Wentzville are charter cities, including O’Fallon, Wildwood, St. Charles and Augusta.

Wentzville city leaders say the benefits of becoming a charter city would allow the residents to make laws and adapt to local problems. They can develop “Wentzville-specific” solutions. Things like length of terms, the power of the mayor or council, or the number of wards can all be decided on a local level.

The city held a public meeting Wednesday night to share with residents the information on what the process would look like.

If the city decides to move forward, they would have to nominate members of a charter commission. That charter commission would create the rules of the city, draft up the new rules of government with public input and then place it on the ballot.

They plan to gather public input from now until April. In May they will call for nominations of a 13-member charter commission. They would then hold a citywide election in November for those charter members.

There would then be additional public input sessions for another several months with a citywide election on the proposed charter in April, 2018.

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