Ameren restores thousands of outages following a night of freezi -

Ameren restores thousands of outages following a night of freezing rain

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( -

Power has been restored to thousands of Ameren customers after more than 24 hours into the weekend's Ice Storm Warning. 

During a press conference, Assistant Vice President of Operations and Technical Services Kevin Anders detailed the impact the ice storm has had on Ameren's system and the efforts to restore power to all customers. 

"For the storm so far, (the restoration effort) is going well," Anders said Saturday morning. "The restoration is going well. At last count, from what I looked, we have about 1400 customers out of service." 

From Ameren's emergency operation center, Anders said that Ameren crews have responded to about 200 outage-related jobs throughout the area. The work began since the storm's arrival yesterday, and is still going through today. Despite the precipitation and the ice accumulation in certain areas, Anders said the response time to those jobs have been swift. 

Anders said the severity of the ice storm has not been as bad as they originally feared, and Ameren is pleased with how well their system is performing; a performance that would not be possible without the low wind speeds. 

“We feel good about how the system has held up during that storm and (we) are getting lights back on, as we planned," Anders said. 

Anders also highlighted the work of restoration that actually goes back to last year. Ameren employs about 500 tree trimmers and has them work throughout the year, covering 4,000 miles. He said the tree trimmers make severe weather situations like this easier. 

“And that has really paid off in an event like this," Anders said. 

While Ameren crews continue to respond and work to restore outages, Anders said they will continue to keep an eye on the weather and conditions. 

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